1-on-1 with Phil Ford: Former UNC point guard visits Cramerton

CRAMERTON — The participants in this week’s GoodHoops Camp are too young to know who Phil Ford is, so there’s no way they could fully appreciate the lessons they learned from the former University of North Carolina basketball star on Monday.

The campers ranged in age from 9 to 14. Ford’s last year in a Tar Heel jersey was 1978 and his professional career ended in 1985.

Still, the young campers at Cramerton Middle School quickly warmed up to their guest clinician as Ford provided hands-on instruction in free-throw shooting, passing, pivoting and blocking out.

“It was pretty cool meeting the dude,” Allen Rogers, 12, of Gastonia said. “He was a nice guy.”

To UNC fans, Ford is more than a nice guy. The former point guard is known for his ability to run the four corners offense, and he held the school’s all-time scoring record for 30 years until Tyler Hansbrough broke it in 2008. Ford also served as assistant coach at UNC from 1988 to 2000 and most recently with the Charlotte Bobcats more here

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